Being an entrepreneur or owning a business is hard. If you haven’t heard most businesses fail in the first year. The rest probably fail in the second. Sorry for my lack of actual stats but this is just conversation. There are so many small details to just setting up your business and people have plenty of advice for you. My business is services based so I cannot provide too much insight on a product based business at this time. I have attended so many seminars and conferences about small businesses I will probably hold my own in a few years. However, I would recommend them, even if the information is redundant, they are a great place to network. Most of them are free and who can be mad at that.  Sometimes you just need to be in a room full of people trying to do the same thing you are, which is start, build, grow a business. I find that at the very least it motivates me and gets my brain working on my next idea or project. You never know if you are going to meet your next client, customer or partner. How exciting is that?!  So get out there!

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